Why the Drums?

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Read about How Music Heals the Brain

Why should you start drumming today?

I tell every student that learning the drums means you’re creating new connections in the brain.

A direct quote from the article, The Amazing Neuroscience of Drummers, states, “We found that people with high general intelligence were also more stable on a very simple timing task. We also found that these participants had larger volumes of the white matter in the brain, which contains connections between brain regions.”

Becoming a drummer means you’re actively developing your brain. The growth in various areas of mental and emotional health is tremendous.

Student“University of Oxford psychologist Robin Dunbar found that the endorphin-filled act of drumming increases positive emotions and leads people to work together in a more cooperative fashion.”

These are all elements of positive learning and development in students of all ages.

In younger people, development is of utmost importance, and the drums are a perfect instrument to improve the areas of the brain necessary for creating those requisite connections.

In adults and older individuals, working your brain like a muscle is important so as to keep it from atrophying. Continuing to form new connections and strengthening old ones is exactly what the brain needs, regardless of age.

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