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Roy Van TasselNJ Drum School is operated by Roy Van Tassel, a professional instructor and musician, playing since 1988 and teaching since 1997. Individual, private lessons focus on proper technique, coordination and sight reading while offering a fun, rewarding experience for students of ALL AGES and skill levels.

Lesson plans will vary due to each student’s individual needs and wants. Learning how to sight read is a top priority as you can’t communicate the language of music without it. It’s a common misconception that reading music is hard. In fact, it’s fairly easy, and a little bit of understanding goes a long way in a student’s learning process.

Reading music, development of proper hand technique, and coordination on the drum set, are elements of everyone’s lesson plan. Drum Rudiments, the equivalent to melody-based instrument scales, are introduced at a beginner level, and explored in more detail moving forward. Other topics are dependent upon the level of the student.

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