WTF!?!WTF!?! is a New Jersey cover band, performing songs from the 60’s through today. The band originally set out to be different from other cover bands in the area, in terms of material played, and has succeeded in just 2 short years to be a staple in the area.

WTF!?! PortraitThe band specializes in taking songs and making them their own. Rarely does the band play a song ‘like the record,’ and some well-known artist’s deep cuts can be heard as well as mashups of songs everyone knows and loves.


The Vinyl AttlcThe Vinyl Attic is a New Jersey cover band, featuring Static (Ours) on guitar, delivering electrifying recreations of various genres (Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Latin, Surf, Blues, and Soul) throughout the history of Rock and Roll.

The band prides itself on the ability to feel out a venue and deliver the proper soundtrack for the evening.